Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/24

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/24
>> all right. if you’re looking for some tasty repast or libation to serve at your party this evening. if you’re going to have one or an open house. perhaps you have that in the neighborhood. this might be just the ticket for you. patrick from libby’s cafe and bar is in to make a family honored tradition here. >> this is actually a variation of one of my grandmother’s recipes. we call it egg-not instead of eggnog. our chef fran has done things his way. this is great for all the kids. we are able to do this nonalcoholic or add a little brandy and rum to it to warm you up for the winter holiday. we start with about four scoops of softened cinnamon ice creme. >> any particular flavor tore brand. >> cinnamon, as far as brand goes, it’s wide open. you want to add to that about four cups ofggnog. you’re going to use six total. but you want to use the first four and take a whisk to that you’re



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