Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/22

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/22
>> judi gallagher always has the knack of finding things that are unusual and yet incredible reply tasty. you’ve done that today. >> i have. it is sun choke season. i am so excited. i wait all year long for this time of year when the sun chokes come in. and i’m happy-0- >> i’ve never had one. >> fresh market just got them in. they’re going to come in a package and look like this. basically, a sun choke looks very similar to a head of fresh ginger. doesn’t it? >> it does. >> very similar. well, a sun choke is basically the stem of a beautiful sunflower. and people don’t realize that it is so delicious. >> are these delicacy-priced items? >> they usually are a bit pricey. they’re a cross between an artichoke and potato. that’s what you’ll find in the price. not quite as pricey an an artichoke. what you do, you just wash them. soak them in water twice. then i leave the skin on, just like yo



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