Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/21

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/21
>> judi gallagher is in the kitchen cooking up a little non-lie baited eggnog. >> that’s right. we’re toasting to the season for sure. you know, john, we’re all probably going to have a lot of leftovers come sunday. when it’s getting cold out. what are we going to feed all these relatives that are still around waiting for more food? i have leftover turkey and leftover ham. now, this is a boneless ham. i bought it fresh market, comes with a glaze. only takes 45 minutes in the oven. and this — it’s double the size and was about $16. so i’m going to still have leftovers to make a monte cristo sandwich. >> it’s good too. >> let’s get started. we’re going to take some sliced swiss cheese. >> what kind of bread? >> i’m using potato bread today. you can use hala bread. what i love is texas toast, which sometimes is hard to find in the store. nice thick bread. if we’re not counting calories ove



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