Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/20

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/20
>> this will spice things up for the holidays, judi. we have got grilled shrimp. >> exactly. now, linda, of course this is the perfect time of year to get down to our farmers market and visit maggie’s seafood, because i got that beautiful headless, extra large shrimp and good news. farmers market people are going to be out downtown this thursday. >> i didn’t know that they’re going to be there shoes. >> — thursday. >> so you can get your fish and these beautiful shrimp. this is a great dish. it’s so simple. shrimp cocktail are back in as the go-to appetizer. so you’re going to peel your shrimp. leave that tail on. peel the shrimp down to the tail. it makes it easier and it’s a pretty presentation. then you’re just going to get rid of that intest natural tract. so devein. we’re going to add about two to three tablespoons of a high quality olive oil. this is so simple, linda. you’re going



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