Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/2

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/2
>>> a dish which can be the most sublime, and which you can ruin so easily if you’re not careful. >> exactly. and john, you know, part of it’s in my jewish heritage that i have to make good sour cream coffee cake, light matzo balls and a good brisket. but part of it is really the cut of meat and where you get it from. >> okay. all right. >> so let me walk you through it. >> what could you look for? >> what we look for is a flat hand-cut brisket. my favorite places to get brisket is i call ahead to geyer’s down on the south trail or, or fresh market, and i specifically tell them i want the flat cut and i want about four pounds. >> now, is brisket marbled like a good steak would be? >> it’s not so much marbled. the fat cap is on top. but you want that fat while you’re cooking because it’s going to extract all the flavor, and right here, as you can see in this pot, and we’ll get right back



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