Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/17

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/17
>>> charlie flint from fleming’s restaurant is here, and you are getting a lot of people excited with this bar of chocolate. look at this bar of chocolate over here! can you believe that? >> that’s 11 pounds right there. 11 pounds. >> but if you ate it, you wouldn’t gain 11 pounds. >> no. it’s the good stuff. low carb. low carb. >> wendy told me, 70% chocolate here? this is the good stuff. >> so what we’ve done, we have about a pound of chocolate here and what we’re going to be making is called gnash. okay? so we’re going to take this cream, just regular, heavy cream that we’ve brought to a boil, we’re going to put that in there and what that’s going to do is melt our chocolate because we’re going to start gently, see, like that. until it comes together. >> so it’s important to stir gently here. >> yeah, well you don’t want to splash yourself with hot cream or get big chunks of chocolate



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