Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/16

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/16
>>> judi gallagher is in the kitchen, and i tell you what, she’s got some tasty treats. >> i do. for the foodies in your life. i’ve got some fun food finds. i found this al within ten minutes at fresh market today. >> wow. >> so let’s get started. >> all right. >> a perfect gift to bring is a box of mirangs. especially when somebody’s watching their weight because it’s low in fat and there’s no transfat so that’s a great little treat to have. if you’re going over to somebody’s house for a drink and you just need to bring a little something or you’re serving something around the holiday, that’s the one. pear vinegar. look at this. this is a gorgeous gift. it already has the bow and the leaf on it. these are gifts that are going to range from under $2.99 to under $20. christmas cookies are always wonderful, whether you get a pack of santas or christmas trees or if you go for the beautiful



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