Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/15

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/15
>>> chef peter timmons from the gasparilla inn. now, we don’t have much stuff here. >> no, i know. well, the problem is that we’re making a sponge. all the stuff we actually need is here. the recipe for the sponge is on the web site. it’s a really, really dark chocolate sponge. this is a play on a very old dessert called black forest cake. >> oh, yes. very famous in books. >> but we’ve done a little bit of a twist on it. we made the black forest sponge cake. soak it down with a little cherry flavored syrup. so we’re going to do that and i’ve got a little piping bag here. >> i want to se you use this. >> actually i’m not going to do a whole lot with it. >> a great line. oh, very good! good lines! i’ll bet the inn is beautiful right now. >> right now, it’s decorated for christmas, looking beautiful. getting ready for the food and wine weekend in january. all sorts of fun over there. >> thi



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