Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/14

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/14
>>> we have a very dog-eared book here, judi gallagher. >>judi: this is going to be a perfect christmas present for your friends that love to cook hearty comfort food. >> 300 best casseroles. there you go. >> and it’s a really good cookbook. my mother didn’t make casseroles when i was a child. the only thing i ever had was tuna and noodles casserole, and i think she made it twice. >> so you’re making up for it now? >> i’m making up for it now. the thing with casseroles, don’t just think of it as a reason to use up leftovers. that’s a great high benefit, but make sure you bring it up to the level and serve it as an entree to your dinner parties, but use a lot of seasoning. so do you rember yesterday when i made cream of mushroom soup? >> oh, do i ever. >> right into a pound of cooked egg noodles. about a cup or two. now, you know the thing is, people are saying, oh, there’s cream, you buy



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