Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/13

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/13
>> when i’m cold, there is nothing that warms me up like either tomato soup or mushroom soup. and i’m ready to learn a good mushroom soup recipe. >> i’m going to warm your heart. i love this recipe, because it’s a hardy meal to serve with a crusty love of bread. i’m going to show you how to use your espresso cups for the perfect appetize are. i have two tablespoons of truffle butter. you can find this in the dairy case in fresh market. it’s wonderful. comes in white truffle or black truffle. it’s not that expensive. it’s about 5.99. this is the time of year you want to spend more money on butter. use that kerry irish butter or use truffle butter to enrich your flavors. isn’t it wonderful? all worth it. so what happens, john, we sauteed these mushrooms for about ten minutes. want to get a little bit of a golden brown color on them because that’s going to extract some more flavor by gettin



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