Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/10

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/10
have claire chung from carrabba’s here with us and i just have to tell you that this is a fette fettuccini alfredo. >> this is named after our founder, which is johnny carrabba, and basically it’s the same thing, it’s stuff that you can find in your pantry, and that’s how he created it. he was really hungry, stuff laying around, put it all together, and bam. so we’re going to start off with some mushrooms. i always cook them on the side because they do retain a lot of water so when they cook down, you’re going to get a lot of excess water so you want to cook them and then strain them. >> just cook them with olive oil? >> a little bit of olive oil. people think this is really difficult. >> i’m going to tell you, this is not dietetic. >> no, it’s not, because you do want to use heavy cream and not milk. so we ae going to start off with some heavy cream, and we are going to add some butter,



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