Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/1

Chef Judi’s Dish – 12/1
>> and we have chef jeff trefry from treviso. and we’re doing mushrooms. >> we’re doing mushrooms strudel strudel. this is a real net savory dish. working with fill low dough. and i have this whole big basket sort of full of mushrooms. i have trumpets, black trumpets, golden shan tremendously. regular pennsylvania mushrooms. we chop all those up, mak make a nice mix like we have here. i’m going to start with a little olive oil. this has a little rosemary in it. >> what kind of olive oil is that? >> they sell it at the farmer’s market right downtown. every saturday. >> so you can get that. >> absolutely. a little bit of shallots and garlic. already chopped up. and we’ll get that, get those flavors started in the pan. and this is a procedure that takes a little bit of time because as we add our mushrooms, and i’ve got all six varieties in here. >> wow, look at that. how different they are.



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