Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/8

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/8
>> okay. the big turkey day is just around the corner. so we need to start prepping people for it. that’s what judi gallagher has in mind today. >> well, it’s for sure, it’s time. but you know john, we always talk on cooking shows about the whole bird. let’s talk about doing something smaller. especially if there’s a lot of nurses that are out there and servers that are working part of thanksgiving, but still want to have a meal. this is an easy way to do. so we are going to brine this turkey breast. i bought this boneless turkey breast at fresh market. the good news, they have them year round. i’m a huge believer in brine. once you brian griese you will never go back. are you? >> absolutely. >> so in this bag, in this brine bag, i’m going to put about a cup of apple cider or apple juice. >> is that important, brine bag. can you use a garbage bag? >> you can. but this seals really well.



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