Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/17

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/17
>> chef judi gallagher is teaching me to make greek turkey burgers. >> that’s right. that’s a little healthier than your standard burger. really flavorful. because they have fresh ground dark meat turkey. you can always mix the two. but for today, it only 2.99 a pound, how could i resist? it’s going to be a great dish for your super bowl party. >> got to get started. >> let’s get started. i have about a pound of fresh ground turkey breast. i had that ground over this morning over at fresh market. you can call ahead if you wanted a blend maybe, 20% white meat turkey and the rest dark meat turkey. >> i like the white meat best. >> white is much better for you, but the dark meat has such great flavor. and a little fat. and the fat content is what adds flavor. so, garlic salt, fresh ground pepper. feta cheese. nice quality feta cheese. chopped onions. >> how much feta cheese did you put in?



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