Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/4

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/4
kitchen. and i’m really excited today because i get to be assistant chef, and i have the great chef, chef michael from leroy selmon’s here with us today, and we are making bread pudding on this rainy day. >> we sure are. perfect for the weather. >> perfect. let’s get started. >> today we’re going to start with our heavy milk and our cream. >> now, why are you using milk and heavy cream together? >> just to balance out the flavors a little bit. we want a little bit of milk fat in there but not so much so that it weighs down our bread. >> gotcha. okay. >> we’re going to ad some granulated sugar. some whole eggs. >> and i noticed you beat the eggs first. >> i did, yes. >> for better blending purposes? >> exactly. >> okay. good. >> some pure vanilla extract. >> and always make sure you use pure vanilla extract, right? such a good quality ingredient. >> some ground cinnamon. >> oh, gosh, this



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