Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/30

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/30
>>> chef judi gallagher joins us now. hanukkah is tomorrow? >> it starts tomorrow night at sundown, the festival of lights begin, and like i like to say, the festival of potatoes begins. >> so what are you supposed to have tomorrow? >> well, tomorrow traditionally in my family, we aways have brisket, and you tune in on thursday, and i am going to share my hungarian nana’s recipe for what i think is the best brisket in the world. so traditionally we have brisket and potato latkes and then usually towards the end of the week, we have brisket again and in between we might have roast duck or roast chicken, but traditionally almost every night now we have a form of potato latkes, and potato latkes, linda, are normally shredded potatoes with onion, but i had these leftover muddled herb potatoes from yesterday’s segment. >> these are mashed. >> these are mashed. and i thought it would be fun to



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