Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/3

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/3
treviso restaurant on the grounds ringling museum. cooking up a mediterranean twist on stone crab. >> i’m going to go ahead and get this started for us, john. i’ve taken a couple of procedures out of the recipe so we can speed things up. what we normally do — >> start the recipe people can do. >> right on the web site, take a look at that we start with garlic and shallots. saute that. take a food processor, cream. today i’ve used lobster, but you can use have to make a nice moussaoui. this is going to be the binder for our ravioli. take beautiful fresh florida stone crabs. i never know what to do with the knuckles, because i have a plethora of knuckles. because everybody love it is claws. so we go ahead, take the knuckle meat away from the claw. i’m just going to go ahead and add some of these knuckles. they’re delicious. to the lobster moussaoui or shrimp moussaoui. you could use group



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