Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/29

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/29
>> all right, we are in the kitchen cooking up something different today. bison. judi, what’s the difference between bison and hamburger? >> well, there’s a big difference. bison is 43% lower in calories. >> wow! >> up to 68% leaner and has much lower cholesterol. you were — you are actually better off eating gang bison than you are a chicken. isn’t that amazing? >> it’s incredible. you can now get them, not only ground bison, but now fresh market is selling the individually wrapped rib eye bison steaks. this is fantastic. they’re hormone free. >> do they taste the gamey? >> no, i don’t like gamey. i don’t even like have beenson. i am loving this. my husband is going to be happy as an irishman i’m going to let him eat a lot more red meat. take your steak, sit it out on the counter ten minutes to get it up to room temperature. a little good high quality olive oil on top. and of course, i



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