Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/24

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/24
>> trust me, i know what i’m doing. >> like play-doh here. >> little thinner than play-doh. i’m sorry, honey. the biggest mistake people make in their gravy, they use all that fat. what i want you to do, when you take the turkey out of the pan, i want you to pour one cup and one cup only of those drippings. discard everything else. put the pan with the things that are stuck right on that pan, that is the goodness. keep that there. pour in that one cup, and then what we’re going to do, we’ll add a container of organic turkey stock or, of course, you can use chicken stock right into here. john, this is really important. this is called gravy master. it’s been around i think since the 1950s. this is the master of all gravy. you’ll put in about a teaspoon. exactly. now, we season our turkey with bell sa seasoning. we forget to season our gravy. we’ll do a little season in there just to give i



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