Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/22

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/22
>> judi gallagher is in the kitchen. you cooking? >> i am not cooking. >> me either. >> happy to say i’m going with friends that have an annual event. >> but ixpect some take-home. >> well, listen, i’m going to be here all week. is including thanksgiving day. for turkey 91. i will guide anybody through it that needs it. so i will be here. >> that’s very valuable. if you have last minute questions or whatever, the gravy’s got lumps or whatever, this is the lady you call. >> call us and we’ll take care of you. so today i’m going to show you a very simple harvest salad. things have changed over the years. we have even let our salad get lighter, john. it was getting too weighted down with lots ofngredients. i’m going to teach you a wonderful blackberry, blue blarish dressing that’s going to go wonderfully. if you don’t want to have gravy on your turkey, this is a beautiful vinaigrette you ca



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