Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/19

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/19
>> brent hockenberry from the hyatt, the chef de cuisine. you hail all the way from clearwater. >> i do. >> came here just for this. we thank you for being here. you are making a lobster ravioli. >> i am. so we have our pan nice and warm already. we’re going to go ahead and add some shallots. little garble lick, that you have to have in everything. >> absolutely. using olive oil? >> got olive oil. we’re going to take that. going to add our dry vermouth. >> if you were doing this on a gas stove, would there be a danger of flair up here? >> if your pan is really, really hot, yes. but don’t have to worry that here. don’t have your pan too hot, because you won’t have any eyebrows. >> how did you makes the ravioli? >> the recipe is on the web site. there’s not enough time to do all this. i’m going to drop these in the water. i’ll show you how to form them. we’re going to drop these in here. t



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