Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/18

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/18
>>> >>> chef claire chung from carrabba’s is in our kitchen today, and what is this now? >> it’s beef brasato so braised beef in italian. >> oh, okay. so we’ve got the beef braising. what is it braising in? >> well, we just use a little bit of vegetable oil on that, but you want to take your short rib and startour pan off with a hot pan with the oil because you do want to get a nice crust on it, just like that. >> oh, you are. you are. >> how long has it been in here? >> it needs about five minutes on each side. so just flour. >> flour and what else? >> salt and pepper. that’s it. >> okay. >> what we’re going to do now is add our celery and carrots. >> that sounds lovely. >> yeah, and i did a nice little fine chop on there because we want our gravy to be very smooth and not look like a stew. some onions. >> al very finely chopped. >> yep. and some garlic and we’re going to let that all s



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