Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/12

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/12
>> judi gallagher in the kitchen. we have been covering thanksgiving. and all of the accoutrements to accompany a suitable thanksgiving dinner. today you’re doing a bit of a dessert. this wouldn’t be with leftover pumpkin? >> no, you would buy a can of organic pumpkin to make this dish. this is so much easier than making pumpkin pie and having to turn the oven on. so let’s get started. >> like individual things. >> exactly. this is a basic homemade pudding recipe. we’re going to take two tablespoons of corn starch, which is our thickening agent. and about a half a cup of grand lated sugar. mix that in, we are going to take one whole egg into one and three quarters cup of low fat milk. because we got to save all our calories for that whipped cream going on. so we’re going to mix that egg withing the milk just a little bit. and then we’re going to putp our heat to about a medium. and we’re



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