Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/11

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/11
>>> blake ellis from savory street cafe is going to show us how to make something really good. >> yes. just in time for the season. >> yes. and even if you’re trying to count calories, you can have some of this. you can’t eat the whole thing, but you can have some of it and still stay on a very good weight loss diet. >> yes. we can cut smaller pieces for you. >> okay. show us how to make this. >> okay. so biscotti actually means twice baked so we’re going to actually show you how to do this with the two bakings. the dough is basically the same, and you can adjust it, which is nice. so you can do different flavors depending on what you’re kind of in the mood for. today we’re going to be doing the chocolate with pistachios in it. so what we have here is eggs and the sugar, and we whip that up and what you like to do is get it so it’s nice and fluffy, nice and light and airy, and then we ad



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