Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/1

Chef Judi’s Dish – 11/1
>> chef darrell mizell in the kitchen today. chef daryl, what you cooking? >> what i’m cooking today is some caribbean pork, which has been already dusted with caribbean seasonings. what we are going to do, my rendition with asian twist. >> when you say caribbean smoke, this looks smoked. >> no, it’s actually pulled. what we did, we took baby pork shank, cooked for four hours. cooled it down and pulled it and seasoned it up. looks like this. >> so it’s the seasoning that makes it caribbean. >> right. caribbean jerk seasoning. put that in like that. >> this was roast pork? >> no, other buick co. the shank of the pork. put that in, increase the heat on that. bring it up a little bit. in the meantime, while that’s heating up, we are going to go ahead and do the cabbage. use a little sesame oil. asian cooking. go ahead and throw onions in. because we want that to come up to temperature very,



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