Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/10

Chef Judi’s Dish – 1/10
>> well, i am so excited today, because if it’s asian i’m on board. who greater than jody cornell from square one burgers. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> let’s get started. >> okay. what i’m going to do first, to get started here. we make up a little, dried lemon peel, dried orange peel. a little cayenne pepper. some sea salt. some dill we’d weed. just anything you have around that you like in your asian food is appropriate. what we’re doing, we’re going to rub this very well. >> you are patting it in there. >> you want a really good coating on this. and then over here, i’ve got heating up some vegetable oil and a little sesame oil. equal amounts. >> it smells so wonderful in here. >> equal amounts. and then the next thing we are going to work on here, a little asian dressing for some slaw. we’re going to start with equal parts of lemon juice. some rice wine. >> love rice wine.



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