Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/27

Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/27
>> chef aaron chavarria from the hyatt with, my gosh, the way he’s creating this short rib dish. you’re going to love it. my gosh, this looks good. >> well, let me tell you that it takes about two to three hours to get it to this point. and get it to the table. >> by this point, you mean that you have taken your short ribs, you have braised them. actually deboned them, made a stock with the bones. >> with the bones. >> and then braised the short ribs for three hours. >> little bit of flour, some herbs, salt, pepper, pan sear. and then we let it cook at very low temperature for at least two hours. and then we bring all the natural juice back into the beef together. >> do you do that on a stove top or put it right into the oven 1234. >> you can do it either or. cast iron, work really well to do it. >> after those are braised and ready to go, what do you need? the spoon? >> thank you. so we



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