Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/26

Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/26
>> now pan sizzling. >> it is fresh fish on a whole new level, thanks to jack, our chief engineer. >> a boater and fishermen. >> he brought us this beautiful red snapper. >> nothing better than fresh fish. >> i totally agree. you can use either red snapper or even grouper with this. i am doing a very simple cantalope salsa. going to get to it in just a minute. john, all i want to you do is salt and pepper your fill leis. how jack cut them, the perfect serving size per person. we are going to duty it in a — dust it in a little shower. in this pan, i have a tablespoon of butter and it olive oil. i want the butter to get a little brown, don’t want to it burn. using the olive oil helps that heat content. i can get a hotter pan without it burning. >> nutty flavor. >> exactly. now, in the cooler part of the pan, i’m going to put just about a teaspoon of butter. that will eventually drizzle in



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