Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/22

Chef Judi’s Dish – 10/22
>> chef fran casciato is in from libby’s restaurant with their new menu starts on tuesday. this is one of the items from that menu. tell us about it. >> this is a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. especially when home, have leftovers mashed potatoes. today we are making it with roasted cauliflower and gorgonzola cheese. >> i thought this was going to be a cauliflower fritter. but actually it’s old baked potato and cauliflower added to it. >> this is a great actually very healthy vegetable by itself. cauliflower is just chopped and overtimed with olive oil and herbs. to blend it together, left overpotatos. could be anything that you like. in this case we are using the cauliflower and gorgonzola cheese. >> can i try this? all by itself? >> it’s delicious. >> good. wonderful. >> imagine just a great big stuffed potato. sour cream, as youing a go cheese with green onion. add a li



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