Chef John Whipping Up A Tasty BBQ Dish

Chef John is making bourbon BBq ribs and bourbon creamed corn.
great food. >> chef john is serving us some bourbon-baked ribs, a guaranteed crowd pleaser. >> good morning. i’m chef john lewis from the creative culinary services and i’m from la maison in dunedin. what we’re doing is a couple of special dishes for memorial day and usually you think about memorial day barbecue. we have barbecued ribs, some bourbon barbecue sauce and some bourbon cream corn. my assistant andie — >> hi. >> — is part of the program. you want to go ahead and add some — >> sure. >> — add some cream in there. we want to make that nice and creamy. while the sauce is finishing, i’m over here doing my dry rub on the ribs. this is kind of a double whammy sort of a rib recipe and in the sense i’m doing a rub as well as barbecue sauce. now, this recipe calls for it to be donen the oven. you could do this outside. if you do it in the oven, a slow oven — oh, 300 degrees for a c



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