Chef John Turenne

Sustainable food
busy scouring for the finest and freshest ingredients from connecticut farms to be featured in the only “local and organic” festival in connecticut, chef john turenne is the president of the connecticut northeast organic farming association and also the xxx at sustainable food systemsna..ys welcome john tell us a little bit about sustainable food sysems…. your team was recently working with “the na ked chef” jamie oliver..tell us about that..what are we going to e be making today?let’s get started….you also were at the white house earlier this th summer to help create “the chefs move to schools” initiative…tell us about that…let’s talk about the taste organic connecticut event…. if you want this recipe..just comree to o..ur w -t -n -h dot com and click on o connecticut stye.john thanks so much for being here. coming up next and we”re



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