Chef John DeLoach

There is nothing like some great Italian food, and Chef John DeLoach, executive chef at Lavo inside The Palazzo, joined Dao & Shawn to make delicious, and massive Kobe meatballs that you’ll find in his restaurant and in this Thursday’s Epicurean Affair.
>>> welcome back, everyone. this thursday, our taste buds will be dancing at the las vegas epicurean affair at the palazzo. >> shawn: let me tell you,ere to make something you can expect, the executive chef of lavo inside the palazzo? this is unreal. >> shawn: this is called love. i don’t know if i’ve ever been in love. that’s love. what are we looking at? a. >> a colby meatball, a one-pound meatball. it’s an appetizer and a small portion of spaghetti and meatballs. colby sliders . >> shawn: my grandmother is in heaven saying –? this is not just for television? this is why you wear buffet pants. >> shawn: what goes into this is this? >> we start with colby beef, home made sausage, we grind our meat at the restaurant so it has great consistency. parsley, cheese, parmesano and basil and parsley. >> shawn: am i your sous chef? >> a little bit of parsley. >> shawn: nice. >> two different ki



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