“Chef Joey’s Cupcake Creation”

Every kid loves a good cupcake! Now, read all about it in a fun and educational children’s book named “Chef Joey’s Cupcake Creation”! Author Brenda Tuttle joined Dao & Shawn to talk about the book, where she’ll be signing the book…and most importantly…MAKE CUPCAKES!
on in the show. dao: first up, every kids loves a good cupcake and so do we: read about it in a fun book, brenda tuttle, author of chef joey’s cupcake creation is here to dish about the fabulous book. good morning, thanks for coming on. >> shawn: tell me about chef joey. >> chef joey is my husband, and he’s a character in real life so i’m sharing him with the world and turned him into a cartoon. he’s a neat guy, talented and his food is second to none. >> dao: the book is fun, a quick read, great for kids, because you have a recipe inside that’s simple. >> dao: 6-are ingredients for the frosting and a boxed cake mix. it’s something they can complete without losing attention and becoming disinterested. >> shawn: i’m very bad as cooking. i would like to learn. >> dao: cooking and baking. >> shawn: everybody. if it has to do with the kitchen and it’s not microwave able iable i have a proble



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