Chef Jim

Murphy’s steak house
>> bye-bye. let’s head over to the kitchen where we have chef jim roberts. >> we’re making a cabernet, by the way, the recipe is easy, it’s on the website. garlic, about two tablespoons of garlic. >> you like that? >> you know it. >> then what you’re going to do, stir it around for just a moment. add two cups of your cabernet, take a drink first to make sure it’s — >> uh-huh. >> of course, that’s part of cooking. >> then two ounces of worchester sauce. that’s an old one. what’s the secret to your sauce? that’s it. >> oh. >> then you’re going to add 16 16-ounces of beef stock. 8-ounce cans, you add all this. increase your heat and bring it to a boil in this fancy thing. don’t you love this? then you’re going to add our special ingredient don’t tell anybody, it’s roasted garlic pepper. rosemary, a pinch, which is 1/16th of a teaspoon. we’re going to let that rduce by about 1/2, okay? how



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