Chef Jay 2 – Mass Appeal

Chef Jay cooks grilled swordfish with sauteed shrimp and kiwi tomato and avocado salsa.
finishing up the grilled >> and we’re back in the kitchen finishing up our grilled salmon. >> yes. >> and shrimp recipe with the salsa. so, jay, tell me what you are doing here with the shrimp. >> what i’m doing i’ve got the shrimp that we already peeled. we put in very simple salt, pepper, a little bit of minced peeled garlic and some hot pepper flakes for a little kick. >> okay. >> or here, we have still got our grilled swordfish going. >> and it’s swordfish, not salmon. >> i said salmon. >> it is swordfish. >> it’s swordfish. all the fish start with “s.” swordfish. >> yes, swordfish. and we’ve got our good salsa over there. >> yes. >> our sweet salsa. >> sweet salsa to go. >> now, while you were done, we added everything together and threw in some cilantro. >> this has kiwi, avocado, tomatoes. >> yeah. >> and the cilantro and some olive oil, is that right? >> yes. we will be adding ol



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