Chef Garvin

Updating old affordable favorites with some surprisingly easy contemporary touches, Chef G. Garvin, TV show host and cookbook author of Turning Up the Heat and Chef Helen Roberts, Manager of Culinary Development for Kikkoman, show us how to add that little extra something to the foods that top our cold-weather-crave-list. From Mac & Cheese to mouth-watering cobblers, the chefs show us comfort food at its best.
>>> with the cooler weather around the corner lots comfort foods are in the air. updating old or affordable favorites can be surprisingly easy. chef g. gar vin?a=z?hrj here with us and helen roberts manager of culinary development for kokkoman, welcome to you both. >> thaĆ­ >> it seems as if everyone has their own idea of comfort foods but what are the most popular? >> there are some standards. >> yeah, you know, i think that it depends on where you live and how big your family is, that justifies your meaning of comfort food but what we have today, i’m going to actually start the show with a really wonderful pork because i grew up-eating pork so i’ve got this great pork loin which is really lean and i’m going to show you how to make a marinade with this wonderful cook ohman lamb sauce which i’m going to add some things to which is orange juice and i’m just creating a really nice marinade



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