Chef Emeril Lagasee

Chef Emeril Lagasee, who started out in Rhode Island to become a nationally-recognized chef, is on the show this morning to discuss his new book “Fresh Food Fast.”
talk about hisbo new book, b fresh food facts. good morodning, emeril. >> hey, elizabeth. good morning. i’m so excited to be with you and of course, to bers talking with you again as we have just recently. yeah, i have to tell you, the inspiration for this is like you and i and so many people that we know, we’re al l so busy with our careers and kids and family and school and after school activities, that i didn’t want to forget about the family table. it’s very, very v important thampt t we eat fresh food. and so the book is divided real r live into three t categories. 20 minutes or less, 40 minutes or less,, or 60 minutes or o less. >> that’s great. >> you d yecide on the time you have on what food you want to make. >> now, actually, you’re going to be here this bre afternoon, right, you’re going to beto at dave’s marketplace in east greenwich for a book signing and sharing some of you



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