Chef Doreen Fang

You saw her on the Food Network now see her on The Morning Blend! Chef Doreen is cooking treats to spice up your “Big Game” party!
>> welcome back to the blend. who will be victorious as steelers and packers go up against one another. [inaudible]. >> right. oh, yeah, very key around here. we do not want to get sued. good friend chef dorrine is back in the house. good morning, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> excellent. we were excited because this weekend it is about football and the food. i could care less about football. i am here for the company and food. so what are you making? >> today i did a take on a french onion dip but made my own caramelized onion and scallop dip. i have sour creep, onion. it takes an hour. >> you have to stand in front of the stove when you caramelize that. or can you put it low and watch tv. >> you can. but you have to stir it. you want this wonderful golden carmel, like color. you want to smell it? it is warm. >> here are the green onions. basically after you cook it for awhile it



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