Chef Delilah Winder

She’s been cooking up a storm for years! With 5 restaurants under her belt, and a glowing recommendation from Oprah. Now Chef Delilah Winder has teamed up with Hillshire Farm (GO MEAT!) to whip up some excellent and inexpensive dishes! Dao & Shawn met her in the kitchen to dig in.
we’re firing up the kitchen for another great meal. successful restaurateur chef diddle delilah. >> shawn: oprah has given her praise and now she’s teamed up with hillshire farms. before you said hello i walked in and you were preparing the tv ready situation. good lord, when i tell you, this smells awesome! thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> shawn: listen, you’re busy, five restaurants, owner of them all. >> i’m in philly, but originally richarrichmond virginia. we talked about this, i walked out, everything, just gave it up to do something i love. >> shawn: something to be said for that. >> i’m in vegas to celebrate the hoodie award. this is the eighth year and fourth year hillshire farm sponsored the friday freedom friday party where everybody does their get-down because steve harvey celebrates friday every week, so this party impose goes on all night. we have mama’s k



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