Chef Corinne Trang

Corinne Trang is a food and travel writer, a spokesperson, brand and commodity and food and beverage consultant, recipe developer, lecturer, and the chief east coast correspondent for America’s Dining and Travel Guide (Business Talk Radio).
‘the julia child of asian cuisine” — by the newspaper — washington post. she is a chef and author of award winning cookbooks. today– chtoef corinne trang shares a recipe pefrom “noodles everyday.” she joins me now… nowelcome–you have an interesting background.. —there’s so many types of noodles…what are we making today? what other ingredientare we using?let’s get startedlet’s get started tell us about your blog… you also teach food writing workshops….for as you say people who want to ” indulge in their favorite food with av words”…tell us about that… if you want corinne’s recipe…just come to our website and click on w-t-n-h do-tt com….corinne thanks for sharing your recipe with us… u coming up next it’s a dance party friday..featuring west indies dance..when connecitcut style returns.



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