Chef Colombe Jacobsen Shares Food Inspiration On The Sabra Chef’s Blog

Worldly Recipes, Great Food Finds and Everyday Occasion Ideas from the Sabra Chef Astoria, NY (November 25, 2009) – Sabra Dipping Company, LLC (www.sabra.com), the leading manufacturer of refrigerated dips and spreads, has launched a Sabra Chef Blog hosted by Chef Colombe Jacobsen. There she will share inspiring recipes, great food finds, information about healthy eating and showcase some of her favorite ways to use hummus and other Sabra dips and spreads for every day occasions. The blog will also feature cooking demonstrations, contests and promotions. Hosted at sabrachefblog.blogspot.com and also linked through www.sabra.com, the blog already includes recipes from Chef Jacobsen’s favorite dishes prepared with Sabra hummus including Hummus Chicken Salad, Hummus Ravioli, and Polenta Muffins with Tzatziki and Smoked Salmon. Sabra launched the blog in response to customer appetite for exploring the many ways to make the every day more special through food. Chef Jacobsen blends the worldly with the every day and has traveled the world for inspiration, motivated by extensive travel to the traditional coastal cities of France, Spain, and Italy, the vibrant souks of Morocco, and the rustic villages of Turkey. Along the way, she has been influenced by the Mediterranean’s varied offerings of authentic flavors, local produce, and traditional cooking techniques. About Sabra Dipping Company, LLC Sabra Dipping Company, LLC. of Astoria, New York, makes a wide and outstandingly delicious range of refrigerated dips and spreads. Using fresh herbs and spices, authentic recipes and healthy vegetables, the dips and spreads are richer, smoother and tastier. All of the products are beautifully presented, certified kosher and vegetarian and available across the nation. With over 45% growth in the past 52 weeks, Sabra is leading its category according to recent IRI reports. Sabra’s rapid growth and category leadership sparked interest from food industry leaders PepsiCo and the Strauss Group, which own equal shares of the company in a joint venture. Visit www.sabra.com.



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