Chef Bud Anderson Brunch

Chef Bud Anderson Brunch
>> andy: look who i found wandering around the hallway. chef bud kind of used to be a staple. when we very first started… >> we did the first one together. >> andy: here we are back in the kitchen. we’re going the talk about this wonderful cause. nobody does brunch like our good friend some what do you got for us? >> we’re going to do it real simple. this is a southwest version of eggs florentine. we sauteed some mushrooms. i use baby portabellas with a little bit of garl lick, and we’re going to wilt the spinach. you want the spinach to just adhere to all the garlic and butter and goodness, and the mushroomed, then we’ll add the that when it wilts a little bit, we’ll add to that some egg. you can throw this in the oven. that’s probably what we’ll do for the magic of television. or you can let it cook on here. you can top this with some smoked gun shot woundy cheese. — gouda cheese. >



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