Chef Brent Schmidt, From Brent’s, Makes Pan Seared Chicken

Chef Brent Schmidt, from Brent’s, makes Pan Seared Chicken
we do not need unicorns. we are in the kitchen with the chef making chicken breast topped with bowtie pasta. thanks for coming in and braving the roads. let’s go over the ingredients first. as far as well we will need. >> first we will take the bowtie pasta — we have the water boiling with salt and a little olive oil. >> i like the colorful pasta. >> we like to do things a little different at the restaurant. we have red onion, asparagus, garlic — one thing about the asparagus, when you store it at home if you put it in a little container of water it will keep the asparagus fresh. >> standing up? >> red, and when you take it apart you wanted to get where it snaps. that is where it gets tough at the bottom. you do not want the bottoms unless to clean them with a peeler. maybe for soup. >> i have noticed there are not that many britons involved in the dishes. it is nice if you have not go



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