Chef Bob’s Sliders

Chef Bob’s Sliders
think it is only a matter of time before the pirates make their way into the kitchen. >> i understand. >> as always, you brought plenty of food. we are making sliders’ for all today. >> i came up with this dish for the fourth of july. you have your cookouts going on. this could be a good choice for you. you have the guy who wants to eat beef. other people what lighter fare. and then we have the vegetarians. >> you can make turkey burgers, too. >> we will do a bacon she’s tight burger. — bacon she’s tied curt — bacon cheese type burger. for the vegetarian burger, we will do a portable a mushroom and tomato. if you want to get started here — >> this is going to require gloves for me. >> start with the beef. the ground beef we have here is an 80/20 mix of meat to fat ratio. you also get the sirloin, the anxious — angus. the best one is the chalk 80/20. — chuck. let this come up to room



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