Chef Bob Chicken Marsala

chef bob chicken marsala
comments on the air in just a little bit. >> this is good stuff. chef bob in the kitchen making chicken marsala. this is a special request from our producer, virginia. thank you for taking these requests. let’s start off with a list of ingredients. i thought there would be more. >> it is a very simple dish altogether. we are going to complicate things by adding a few other things. chicken marsala is very easy. you start with a chicken breast. you take the tenderloin off and we will work on the those. salt and pepper and garlic and shallots. it you can use any kind of mushroom that you want. i have a little wild mushroom mixture there. that is just baby port of volos. — portabello. we will go ahead and it started here. we want to take these bolus chicken breasts — boneless chicken breasts. you have a thicker side and a thinner side. you wanted it that even. — you want to get that even.



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