Chef Ben Makes Biscuits!

Biscuits are good for breakfast lunch and dinner! Watch Chef Ben bake before your eyes!
kitchen is provided by kitchens by design. who loves biscuits? >> i do! >> hands up all over the station. >> chef ben is here from clark appliance. love biscuits? don’t love making them. i have a little bit of baking experience. i think a lot of people are afraid of it because they think it’s complicated or it’s messy and it’s sticky. you can jack up your whole kitchen. >> without a doubt. i would say those are the biggest things that keep people from baking quick every day. i’m kind of here to — biscuits are their own kind of mixing method the way we put them together. once we understand how you mix it, it’s not so messy and it’s not so complicated. >> good. that would be great. >> so we’re going to start with a basic buttermilk biscuit. everything that we do today will be based off of this recipe more or less. >> cool. >> what’s that? >> flour. >> flour, very good. so far so good. i’m



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