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Clark appliance and safely store
>> i’m doing great. >> good. >> we had probably three thanksgiving dinners in here. >> we’ve got a lot of turkey. >> a lot of turkey. >> by now, everyone’s plans are pretty much set, what they’re going to make. i thought we might talk about how to keep sanitation where it needs to be. it’s one of the most diffilt things when you’re preparing food for lots of people, number one thing to do is keep cold things cold and hot things hot. >> and get things to the refrigerator in a timely manner. >> grandma used to set everything out on the three season porch, and just half time, everybody will pick at the turkey. all afternoon things got left out. >> there could be some actual science to that. if we’re using that as a means to cool things down before putting them in the fridge. i want to put things in the fridge a little bit. you talk about the sides of a refrigerator, this is all refrigerator



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