Cheesy Green Chili Rice Bake

Recipe from Festival Foods
sometimes you gotta change things up, do something different to, you know, create a little excitement in why are life. i always have the same cofee every day and go to the same coffee place, but once in a while i change my order and they look at me like, are you sure? is you’re getting a little wild. today’s show we’re getting a little wild, going bold, get you out of your recipe rut and make some new, diferent recipes that are full of flavor, something d. you have to do that every once in a while, life can get a little humdrum. we’ve got fun stuff planned for you. it’s very trendy to go bold in your home. maybe not your entire home, but maybe just paint a wall, one wall, of a room a bright color. and that’s a really cool thing to do, or maybe just ad some bright-colored acessories to your bedroom or your living room. we’ve got some fun ideas when it comes to that, and some really fun, b



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