Cheesecloth Turkey

ultimate thanksgiving cheesecloth turkey
>> welcome back. we’re talking turkey. we’ve got kathy here from burlen, and her recipe jumped out at us right away. good morning. >> good morning amy. how are you. >> i’m great. we were going through all these recipes, hundreds and hundreds sent us their very best, and when it came to the main course, we were just fascinated. it’s so different, so unusual. tell me about it. i guess maybe we should get started and you can tell me. there are a few things going on. >> yes. >> it’s all about cheese cloth. >> old, old ancient recipe. >> anything. we’ve all had that dried turkey that could have been better. yeah, it was good for thank goodness for the gravy. >> you don’t even need gravy. >> you know we’re talking. let’s get these veggies going. >> we melt the butter. >> how much? >> all of it. >> a stick of butter. >> you’re my kind of gal. the diet starts tomorrow. >> easy measuring. once th



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