Cheeseburger Competition Gets Spicy

New Mexico is known for its green chile cheeseburgers, and the State Fair, for the first time, is holding a green chile cheeseburger cookoff.
chile chesseburgers that blend an oldth american tradition with new mexico culture. many restuarants claim to h ave the best green chilest cheeseburger, but judges at the state fair will set the record straight as more than a dozen restaurantsnt battle it out to claim the covetedco title. the stage is set at the state fair for one of the hottest competitions. 20 restaurants from all over new mexico are set to face off at the state fair today in the inaugural green chile cheeseburger challenge. its very important because a lot of people do plan to the best green chile burger, and so now we can identify who, at least at this timet hihas the best cheese bur ger chile is new mexico, and so when you combine an american tradnition, a hamburger with ur new mexico chile,w and then h aving th the title of the t best nm chile cheeseburger.. it’s the best. heit all started back in july when food ne



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